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how to check visa if the instrument is busy?

Hi, I'm try to code on labview to check for status of a GPIB instrument is busy or not. I think we can use visa check status to check for this. can anyone let me know how please?



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VISA doesn't know if your instrument is busy or not. Your instrument will have to tell you that. See if you can do an OPC? query or read the status byte.
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Perhaps you mean you want to check if the instrument is available? In that case, just try to open a handle to the instrument and check the error.


Or maybe you want to check if the handle to the instrument is still valid? You can use the "Not A Number/Path/Refnum?" to check that.


If not, please give more details.
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Hi Enrique,


Thanks for your response. I'm trying to query current from a power supply every second and skip if it be use by other. Can I use "Visa Wait on Event"?


thank you,

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