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how to change parameters of Static VI Reference

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Can anyone let me know how to change the parameters of a static vi reference please? right now when I right click on it, just says "Strictly Typed VI". I don't know how to add/delete/change the parameters of it.


Static vi reference.png





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The reference represents the connector pane of the SubVI. To change it you change the connector pane of the SunVI itself.
LabVIEW 2012

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Hi Steve,


Yes, I did that but the "Call By Reference" doesn't change and I don't know how to make it effect to the "Call By Reference Node". please let me know how. this is Source Distribution project.



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Accepted by topic author Triple_H

Hello Triple H,


This is Andrew Brown, an Applications Engineer with National Instruments. You will need to go through the process to create a new strictly typed VI reference in order to update the parameters of your Call by Reference Node. An article that details this process is Creating a Strictly Typed VI Reference That Calls VIs Dynamically


Please let me know if you have additional questions or issues in this area.




Andrew Brown

Software Engineer
National Instruments
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it works, thanks so much Andrew.

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