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how to build a shared library (dll) of a VI to be called by VC++

hi All,
How should I build a shared library ( dll ) using LabVIEW so that the desired output from LabVIEW can be returned to the main program that runs in VC++ ?
I'm currently working in a project that uses the PXI 1042 & DMM, AWG, FGEN, SCOPE, RFSG, RFSA etc.
The VC++ programmers dont want the LabVIEW front-end to be visible when called into VC++, in the sense they don't want LV to be another front-end, as the entire software is designed using VC++. It is enough if I simply pass the final values of measurement to them for display purpose.
So, they've asked me if it is possible in LabVIEW to provide the VIs as dlls instead of exes.
Since I've seen the feasibility of building a EXE or a DLL in LV, I've replied positively to them.
In another of my project, I'm using dlls built in VC++ for hardware drive interaction parts in my LabVIEW project.
Likewise, what are the methodologies that I should follow when building a Dll in LV ?
I tried with a simple VI, wherein it returns a value of addtion of 2 elements & I passed it thro' the connector pane correctly.
When I called the same dll in LV itself & configured it correctly by specifying the correct return type & I/O, then also it did not run properly.
I could not understand what was going.
So experts pls help me out by some simple examples or related links.
Regards & Thanks,
- Partha ( CLD until Oct 2021 🙂 )
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Here you can find Application Notes and examples:

Hope this helps!
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