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how to build a aglient action with Labview?

dear supporter,

who have experience about Agilent software named TestExec SL?

would you please leave your contact way to me?

now i use Labview to do  TestExec SL's action, it can work with testexecSL, but it must install the labview software, evertime when i run my testplan of testexecSL at first time, it must run the labview to execute the utaactn.llb first,is it  normal???

thanks and waiting for your reply!

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you might want to contact Agilient Tech support directly

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I agree that the Agilen web site is where you really need to go for better help. Here is the forum for Agilent TestExec SL:


If you search there for LabVIEW you'll probably find what you're looking for.

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