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how to aggregate 2 library in SVE Labview


I have multi libraries in labview, I want to add multi libraries as subsets of one library (Top library).

Is it possible in labview SVE?


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What is "LabVIEW SVE"?

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SVE is abbreviation of Shared Variable Engine in LabView.

I use some variables that their types is Network-Published Shared Variable.

I want 1 top library and add multi library as sub libraries to it. Is it possible in LabView?



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I still don't understand the connection between shared variables and libraries.


Are you talking about sublibrairies as mentioned at the bottom of this page, for example.


It would really help if you could add a few more sentences with details about what you are trying to do.

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There are two sub-libraries named "Variable library-(PXI-cRIO)" and "Variable library-(TCSS)" as a child of "mirror cover library" in the "Project Explorer" (please see capture.PNG), but these two sub-libraries are not as a child for "mirror cover library" in the "NI distributed system manager"  (please see capture1.PNG). It makes me a problem about library addressing. When I am going to address "Variable library-(PXI-cRIO)" as a sub-library, it seems that it does not the branch of top level library (please see capture1.PNG: right side; Location: \\SHOKATPOUR-PC\Variable Library-(PXI-cRIO)). What can I do to see location as a branch of top level library?


tnx in advance




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Is there any method other than "Add Process"  in NI Distributed System Manager to use shared value engine?


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