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how to LIN-Bus with Vector VN1630A and LDF

How can I send and receive the messages defined in the LDF with Vector XL Driver - LabVIEW wrappers?


Is there an automatic "translation" from the LDF frames to the BUS signal and back or do I have to send or encode the message manually in HEX format [0B 00 00 FE FE FE 3F 0A E8] (ID + 8 data bytes)?


As I understand the "Read", I cannot select and send the defined messages or frames from the LDF, or do I understand something wrong? please help me out.


My plan is to load the LDF into LabVIEW, connect LabVIEW with my Vector VN1630A and use the predifined Frames and scheduls to communicate with only one Slave.

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Here's the reply I gave in the other post.


In the past I would use XNet to read and parse DBCs and LDFs.  The XNet API software can be installed without any additional license, and the database, and conversion can be done without any XNet hardware.  There are functions for importing an LDF or DBC, and then you can use the property nodes to get the scaling, and bit information.  If you do install XNet software there should also be an XNet Database Editor, which allows you to import files, and look at the frames, signals, and other settings. 

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