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how the "Extract single tone" works

Anybudy knows how the "Extract single tone" works or anybudy can give the idea about the algorithm how to extract the single tone frequency?
I need to know the algorithm for to clarify my doubts
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I am not on the DSP team, so this will be an approximation of the actual algorithm.  Extract single tone takes an FFT, finds the maximum peak, then uses the points around the peak to compute the actual peak location using a formula derived from the known peak shape (peak shape is known due to known windowing function).  It requires around ten or so cycles to get a good number.

The VI is not locked.  You can dive into it and figure out the exact algorithm at your leisure.
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Is it possible to answer this question better ? Even though I can read the algorithm being used, I do not understand the "funda" behind it. It would be really helpful If you could provide some reference literature or citation of an article which explains/elaborates this algorithm. It says, It can extract the tone from the 3 dominant bin values, I wish to understand how one can do that. You say, the algorithm requires to run 9-10 cycles, again I wish to learn why ? Kindly help.




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I found this shared in another post going along similar lines. Attaching. Thanks guys.



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