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how is time asigned to an wave form graph when plot an 1d array?

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Hey, I have a doubt, in my VI I have an 1d array and when I plot it with a waveform chart, it shows the data in the graph.

But my question is, how does the waveform chart know to what time does each data from the array is related to?  Because the only data I give  is the array and no the time, and the graph shows data vs time [ms]. 

I hope you understand what I mean.

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The default x-label on the plot is time. You are just plotting data vs index, not time.



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Thank you! now it's clear, it make sense

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You can label the x-axis anything you want.


Knowing x0 (x-value if the first point) and dx (x difference of adjacent points, linear x-ramp), you can display real x units (property node for x0 and dx, creating a cluster of (x0,dx,[y]), building a waveform datatype, etc.


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