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how do i interface cRIO 9014 with PIC16f877a

how do i interface cRIO 9014 to PIC16F877A microcontroller.I want to control both of them through labview.

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Dear kausreloaded,


Why do you need to interface a highly advanced technology ( FPGA and Real-Time Processing) with a PIC micrcontroller? 



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It's all because i don't have motor control modules and i want it to control it through pic ..if i am able to do it i will learn a new thing

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Do you have other modules attached to its chassis? If no and you just have a controller then I don't think so that you will be needing cRIO for the operation. Because one way to interface PIC with cRIO is to connect them via RS232 cable by sending a stream of data from cRIO to PIC and let PIC, along with some driver circuit,  drive the motor. Which is truly not a sane idea becasue this way you are increasing the cost of your project and many other factors. 

My suggestion is to either work on PIC alone or atleast get an Analog I/O module to drive your motor. 


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I have NI 9219 and 9217 and 9485 module, is it possible to interface the controller while controlling speed of three phase induction motor for which no modules are available with NI . Can u please suggest me how to acheive this.

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Visit this link where they have used sbRIO to control speed of induction motor. I hope this helps you because I can't find any reason to interface a microcontroller when you already have a cutting edge technology with you. I personally think that you need to add a driver circuit to drive your motor with some control signal coming from cRIO.

Let me know if problem still persists.  

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