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how do I modify the palette to go straight to the Programming menu in LV8.5?

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I've seen variations of this question asked, but I'm not seeing the answer I'd like to see.


On the back panel, I want to right-click and see everything available in the "Programming" submenu.  (Kinda like it used to be in the old days of LV.)  I don't want to right-click and choose "Programming" -- I want to right-click and see "Structures", "Array", "Class, Cluster, & Variant", ...


I've seen other posts which explain how to pin the menu and select Change Visible Categories.  I can make it so that "Programming" is the only icon when I first right-click, but that's not what I'm trying to do -- I want to see everything in "Programming" the first time I right click.


I'd also like to do the same thing on the front panel -- jump straight to the Modern subpanel.


Help?  Thanks.

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tdurand wrote:

On the back panel, ...

We affectionately call it the block diagram. Smiley Wink


When I right-click I see the Programming palette already shown. I have all categories visible and I also have the "Format" set to "Category (Icons and Text)" in the LabVIEW Options (also accessible from the "View This Palette As" menu item when pinned. I don't recall doing anything beyond that.

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Thanks!  Worked for the front block diagram also...  Smiley Wink  If there's a "front" panel, shouldn't there be a ....

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According to NI. "LabVIEW displays two windows: the front panel window and the block diagram window."  Quoted from 'Getting started with LabVIEW' page 1-4. Smiley Wink
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