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how do I connect terminals to a vi in order to use it in other vi's ?

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I created a vi that returns some numbers and I want to use those numbers in another vi by adding the first vi into the block diagram. I need to create some kind of output terminals to my first vi and I dont know how. Can some one please help me ?
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On the front panel of your vi, right click on the icon in the upper right corner (below the x).  The third option is Show Connector (left click on it).  Now you will see the connector pane.  Using the wiring tool, connect the little white boxes to your controls and indicators as desired.  If that pattern is not right for you, you can use some of the other custom patterns (same menu) or create your own.  Chances are it will work fine.


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-Matt Bradley

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This is a fundamental skill of LabVIEW covered in the tutorials.  I would recommend you learn more about LabVIEW from here. How to Learn LV
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