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how do I adapt a Labview VI designed to control a Lenze drive to also control a second drive on the same CAN bus?

I am usinsg a Labview VI (not written by myself) with CAN (PCI-CAN interface) to control a Lenze drive i.e setting speed etc. and reading information also. This VI uses ncCANConfig, ncReadNET, ncWriteNET,ncOpenObject etc. I am now required to control a second lenze drive that is to be connected in series on the bus as we have only one CAN port. How do I adapt the current VI to operate both drives? At present I can't get the second drive to run via Labview even when it is the only one on the bus.
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I don't have the NI-CAN drivers installed, so I can't analyse your VI completly, but my first guess would be, that the CAN Interface of your second Lenze drive is not configured correctly.
Your first Lenze drive has 1473 as Send-ID for the CAN and 1601 as Receive ID for the CAN. To control the second Lenze drive you have to configure it with different IDs and adjust the numbers in the VI accordingly.

A CAN interface/device only listens to the messages send with an CAN-ID that configured as receive ID in the interface/device.

I hope this helps a little.

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Big help, thanks chris. Second drive now fully operational.
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Can't you just copy the settings from the working drive using lenze epm module and put it on the second drive that is not working?

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Do you know you replied into a thread that is 5 years old?


Copying parameters might work fine if you are trying to duplicate a drive to work with another identicaly motor.  But the problem here was with the communication parameters for two drives on the same bus.  One drive has to have those parameters modified in order to work.  It sounds like the solution was given and the original poster said it worked.

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