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how can we use proprty of blinking in picture ring control in labview 7.1


sir i have three pictures in picture ring ctrl..i have to change picture according to certain conditions in my program..Now i want that when my first picture will be displayed on screen,then it should be in blinking/flickring condition..Similarly i can stop its blinking when can i do this?

By using Blinking property(property node) of ring ctrl,i m unable to show it...can u help me regaring that....(Labview 7.1)?




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Have you been able to use this property node into a very simple example in LabVIEW 7? like a blinking LED?

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yes i used the blinking property in LED..its working but i have to use the picture ring cntrl having some shapes of icons...if i set teh VALUE 0 or 1 to ring cntrl and then i set blinking true,its not working...In LED we set two colors which blinks,how can we do here...plz guide me



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Could you post an image of you code to try to visualize what you're doing?

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