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how can i read current with 34401A Digit multimeter from GPIB

I want to read current with Agilent 34401ADigit Multimeter from GPIB .And I want to Write and Read the DC from the Agilent E3634A.How can I do this?I need example. Thank you Very much.
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This could become a lengthy explanation....

Let's see if I can get you on your way with the following:

First thing is to obtain the LV drivers for the 34401A. Once these are installed, open your vi. Go to the block diagram. Here is a link for the driver:

From the Function Palette, select Instrument IO, then "Instrument Drivers" and choose HP34401A.

Start with HP34401A
Then choose "High Level Control", then "Configure Present Setting", "Measurement Type", and "Configure".

If you got this far, double click "Configure" and place the vi onto your block diagram.

The front panel wi
ll allow you to select the function you want to do, including DC current. For the measurements, go back a couple of steps and select "Measurement", there are a couple of selections to choose from.

You have to put together the building blocks to get your measurement. Experiment a little. You'll get there quickly.

Unfortunately, I did not see any examples or "getting started" vi's for this one.

-have fun -

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Hello Joe:
Thank for your help. I have the HP34401A I have not the "High Level Control", then "Configure Present Setting", "Measurement Type", and "Configure".
But Control congig ,Contro, attachment.How can i do with these?
Thank you very much for your attention.
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Did you download the driver and install it?

They are embedded inside the instrument driver selections. Install the driver and follow the steps in my original answer.

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See attached picture for additional functions:
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Thank you Joe:
Now I have the neu Problem.I want to read the sigle current data(Decimal data,nicht array data) from 44401A Digital Multimeter,and the Voltage data from E3634A DC Power Supply.Then I can get the curve (U(t) and I(t)).The same as the structure in Attachments.But I can not good
the command mit can i do this?can i read the voltage and current from only the E3634A DC Power Supply mit GPIB or VISA?Thank you very much for your attention.
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I don't understand the attachment. You've got some code there only for the 34401 (assuming the 34401 visa referecne is correct) and you're asking for the voltage not current. You're not using the driver for the instrument. This driver has been included with LabVIEW for the past several releases so you should use that. Also, do not wire the return count from VISA Write to the Byte Count of VISA Read. The number of bytes written is not the same as the number of bytes you want to read. And are you sure of the syntax for the 34401 measure command? The driver only uses the Fetch and Read commands so I can't confirm that the Measure command is correct.
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I followed your conversation with Joe... First I might suggest to write in german as that might be easier for you...?
I also sometimes ignore existing drivers and create my own.
So try the following:
1.) Take the GPIB488.2 Send-VI from the function pallete to communicate with your instrument. I never had problems with this till now. You surely know the GPIB-adress of your instrument and the number of your bus while it can sometimes be difficult to get a correct reference.
2.) With the above named VI you first send kind of an initialization to the instrument: Remote operation of the instrument (usually: SYST:REM), maybe *CLS and *RST and of course tell your instrument what you want to measure (for my Keithley-DMM that is SENS:FUNC "CURR:DC" for cu
rrent measurement)
3.) You can now ask the instrument for the currently measured data (i.e. current) (again with the Send-VI mentioned above)-> most time the command MEASURE? is enough.
4.) Right after that you read the answer from your instrument with the GPIB488.2-Receive-VI from the function palett.
5.) Before you finish your program you should return your instrument from the remote state in the local state.
(Of course you can add some kind of control of the communication if you want.)

In this way you can communicate with every GPIB-instrument easily without the absolut need of an instrument driver. Just refer to your instrument manuals section for programming. You can find all necessary SCPI-commands there and you can just send them to the instrument by using the above mentioned VI. I admit you might be faster with an existing driver and of course you are more sure you didn't forget something important but I sometimes had instruments without existing drivers.

Hope that is
of any help for you.


P.S.: Of course you can also communicate with your power supply like this. Look for the appropriate SCPI-commands in your manual.
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Hello Joe and Anja,
Thank for your help.Now I can do this .
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I really cannot find getting anywhere on the web. I might be wrong but can anyone please upload Agilent/HP 34401A's Getting it would be of great help.







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