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how can i call a DLL file from labview?

Iam using a sensoray 2601 module.It is given as DLL file(S2600.DLL).How can i call this function from LabVIEW?

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Hi there


I think you need to take a look at the call library function node. I would start by checking sources like this



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The DLL function is written in Visual Basic.Is it possible to call from VB?In call library function calling convention is only in C.

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As far as I can tell problems might occur with the call library function node if the the DLL from visual basic is actually an ActiveX dll if that is the case it seems calling the dll by using the Invoke node is the way to go.

Have a look at this 



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Could u plz tell me to call the DLL using a invoke node?

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You'd use Automation Open to create the appropriate class. Then you wire that reference to an Invoke Node. Please look at the examples that ship with LabVIEW on ActiveX.


Are you sure this is an ActiveX DLL?

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Yes am sure.I tried this with call library function.It didn't work.

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That doesn't mean it's an ActiveX DLL. Did you configure the CLFN correctly? How do you know you configured it correctly? What does the documentation for the DLL tell you?


Did you try Automation Open?

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ya its working with call library function.Its only calling that DLL by file path.But i want to communicate my sensoray module using labview?so is there any additional drivers needed?

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So now it's working? Or it's not working? I have no idea what additional drivers are needed. You have provided no documentation or information on the module or the DLL.

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