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how can i build my application into a web page


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Your question is not complete and is not very clear.

1)If you want the front panel of your application to be viewable in the webpage, you can do that using the labview built-in web server and get the snap shots of the front panel image in the web.

2)If you want the web page to execute a particular VI on the server, for that you need the internet Developer's toolkit available from NI. That would be like submitting the request to a particular VI and getting the results back in the web browser.

3)If you want your application (VI or EXE) be embedded into a webpage where you could interact (Running, stopping and changing Front Panel values) with it, then that is currently not possible. There is no LabVIEW ActiveX control (like Real Player) that could be embedded into a web

Hope this would answer what you meant.

A Rafiq
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Ouch, I hope I'm reading this wrong.

My understanding is:

1. You can embed ActiveX controls into your VI using the ActiveX container.
2. You can invoke LabVIEW programs via the ActiveX Automation server from say VC++ or VB but this actually invokes the application in a separate window.
3. You CANNOT embed a LabVIEW front-panel into an application (written in say VC++/VB) that has ActiveX containers because there isn't a LabVIEW ActiveX control available.

Sounds incomplete to me. Please tell me I'm having a nightmare or I'm reading this wrong.
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