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hosting Web VI in NI server

Hi , 

i followed each step to host my web VI in NI server and 

when i enter this URL address in my browser :  http://localhost/WebApp_Web%20Server/Main.html 

i get this error 


HTTP 404 error

That’s odd... Microsoft Edge can’t find this page


can anyone help me ? 



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Hi Emna20,


A couple questions:


What set of steps did you follow? Are you able to run your Web VI in from the LabVIEW NXG Editor?



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Try with Chrome.

I was not able to have access to my web pages created with NXG and published with NI Application Web server with Explorer, until I switched to Chrome.

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Yes I second this. Mine would not work on Edge/Explorer but works on both Chrome and Firefox! (Make sure they are updated versions).

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I notice that Port Is missing in your address.

Try also http://localhost:8080/...

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