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hold values on cRIO after reboot/deploy

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In my current project, I have to calculate the amount of energy stored inside a gaz tank.

I'm looking for the best way to save this value so it won't be reset after a reboot or even if the software is redeployed.


The only way I can see for now is to store this in a file. However, I find this solution a bit heavy. Is there any lighter way to this ?





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To save a value between system shutdowns you have to store it in a file on the hard drive.  Everything else gets wiped on a shutdown.


If you find the saving of the value is slowing down your main loop, then move the update to another loop and use a queue to send updates to it.

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ok, thank you.

I implemented it with the binary files write/read Vi, I guess it is the fastest method to save data on the disk.

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