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hex C 0 to binary 11000000

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What is the question?

Hexadecimal "C0" is the same as binary "11000000". Are you having problems with formatting?
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yes, i am receiving co from there equipment and they need it to be displayed in binary on the front panel. Thanks. need
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Do you receive (1) a length=2 string composed of the characers "C" and "0" or (2) are you receiving a single byte string containing the ASCII character \C0 (in HEX display)?

Case 1. Use "Hexadecimal string to number" with an U8 constant as type.

Case 2. Use typecast with U8 as type.

To display the U8 in binary, set the indicator to binary display format. Attached is a simple example (LabVIEW 7.0).

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Altenbach, This is the first time I used the discussion forum and it works. Thanks.
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