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hex 0x80004002 No such interface supported

I keep getting this error whenever I try to deploy or, run labview real time.  I am able to run on the fpga by itself but anyhting higher than that i am getting this error.  I am fairly new to labview so it could certianly be something that I am doing wrong.


I have a NI cRio 9073 with

NI 9425 DI

NI 9476 DO

NI 9203 AI

NI 9213 thermo


I am created a new VI under the target cRio in the project explorer, this is where I am having the trouble.


My FPGA is only refrencing the I/o


Any thoughts or help would be greatly apreciated.




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I spoke with customer support on the phone yesterday for about an hour with no resolution.  Both gentlemen who were helping me were very knowledgeable and kind.  They are going to atempt to reproduce the issue in R&D (as I understand it).  When I try to run a VI in real time I get the error, evan if it is as simple as adding two numbers.


formated and re-installed the cRio 9074

verified that we are running current versions of labview, RT, FPGA, etc...

tried both deployment methods

the C-series modules would not auto discover until we removed scan engine 13.0 from the cRio (weird I know)

that was about it...


I am currently re-installing Labview 2013, FPGA and Real Time on my computer.


I will update when I get some resolution on this issue.

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Since you have a service request open already and we try to not duplicate effort on the same issues look to the service request for further contact from the NI. Have a great day. If anyone in the community has any ideas feel free to contribute. 

Alex D
Systems Engineer
Academic Research
National Instruments
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I'm having the same problem with a cRio 9074 and lv2009.





Is there a solution ?




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This forum post is quite old and to make sure your question gets the most visibility to be helped by our community we highly recomend that you create a new post. 

Alex D
Systems Engineer
Academic Research
National Instruments
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