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help with Sunny Boy inverter

Smiley SadI must talk with a SMA Sunny Boy Controller (that controls three Sunny Boy inverters) with a Rs485 interface. I'm using Labview 7.1 with Visa, trying to send it the command for turning the inverters on and off and for the set up of the required level of power. The instrument manuals are very complex and don't give any clear example.
Each inverter should answer to my request with a well defined Hex string but sometimes this string is not complete (in the central part...) and sometimes one of them doesn't answer at all. 
It's not the first time I use Visa, but now I really don't know what to do and I'm in a hurry! Is there anyone who can help me? Have you something ready for talking with those inverters?
thank you in advance to everyone can help me.
Bye Carmen
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unfortunately there isn't any instrument driver for the SMA Sunny Boy Controller in the National Instrument Driver Network page (see following link):
I think that the only possibility for you is to check:
1. each command to send/receive
2. the correct command sequence
The hyperterminal can help you to perform this check (see following link):
Verifying a Serial Port
If you see that the serial communication works in hyperTerminal but not with VISA then try to check this document:
Hope that this can help you.
Best regars
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Dear Carmen,

do you have solved your problem?

i have a similar question. I want to communicate with sunny boy inverter (via rs485 port) and i think to use the yasdi libraries.

do you have any suggestion for me?

thams you


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Dear Carmen, Dear Andrea, Dear Everyone

I'm working on the same problem as you do. I want to communicate with a sunny boy via the RS232 port by using the Yasdi libraries. I tried to implement the Yasdi functions by using the "Call Library Function Node".  I think the yasdiMasterInitialize worked but I couldn't get any response from the inverter. It’s the first time I use the "Call Library Function Node" so I'm not sure whether all the settings and connections are OK. I would be very pleased if someone could give me some advices how to communicate with the SMA sunny boy. Thanks in advance.




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Dear Bassy,

I can send to you a vi where is implemented a communiation with sunny boy inverter trought YASDi library. the communication is not a problem, the problem is the crash of the application whenever i close it and (sometimes) when is running. If you send me you e-mail i'll send you the vi and the yasdi documentation (if you need), so you can help me to solve this problem. (i'm considering to create ex-novo a routine for serial communication without YASDi lybraries, so if you would help me to create it i'm very happy). Do you have an inverter in your laboratory to realize communication tests?

bye, Andcell


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Hello andcell,
Thanks for the fast response. I would be very thankfull if you could send me the VI, the YASDI documentation I have already. My Email aderess should be visible now. Yes there is an inverter in our lab so I can realize communication tests. I will give my best to help solving the problem. Thank you very much.
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Hi Bassy,

i can't read your e-mail address.

Please send me an e-mail to

Could you send me also your vi? Thanks.


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I need this VI also. I would be very very thankfull if someone can send me information about having it. my email:

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Dear all,

sorry, but I was not able to solve my broblem and, as I was in a hurry, I decided to use Sunny Boy proprietary software.

But I'm sure that I'll be in the same dilemma sometime in the future.....

Thanks to all.

Bye Carmen

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Can anybody give me any help or Information at least in order to approach the case in realizing a communication between a sunny boy data logger and labview for capturing the data from the data logger?


I would be grateful for any help.


Bye, learny.
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