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help with Sunny Boy inverter

Has anybody had any luck.


My SunnyBoy SMA SB4000US gets installed next Thursday.



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Hello Andcell,


I just downloaded the YASDI libraries and looking on how to use LabVIEW to communicate with our Sunny Boy inverters. Could you send me a copy of your VI as well. If you haven't fixed the problem with the crashing of the program I would like to help you out with that too. If you enter my profile you can find my email. You can send to me there if you prefere. 





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Hi Jose,


I am trying to communicate sunny webbox with Labview for my school project. Do you manage to solve your problem? I would be very appriciated if you could provide me with ideas to approach the problem or the copy of VI.



Yin Min

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Dear Andcell,


I am also working on a project that needs to communicate with SMA inverter via YASDI. Can you please share with me the VI you used to interface with SMA inverter usign YASDI? It's very appreciated!!!



Du Hui

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Dear Andcell,


Srry i forgot to attach my email:



Du Hui

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FYI - most of the participants in this thread haven't been active in the forum for years.  Try making your own topic and refer to this one.  People are more likely to respond to a recent post than one that was started 7 years ago.

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Thanks Bill for the advice..


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