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help on obtaining pressure map


I'm trying to obtain pressure map of the pressure field generated from ultrasound transducer. I need to record the data with automated motion for the 50x50 pixel field. Since I am a beginner, I have no idea on what drivers do I need for automated data acquisition. Any help from experts?

Here is my setup:

-Ultrasound transducer

-Needle Hydrophone+DC coupler (Precision Acoustics)

-3-Axis stepcraft 420 ck

-LabView Software

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If you want to do this yourself, and work really hard at learning LabVIEW (and have a mentor who can guide and drive you), spend a few months designing and learning how LabVIEW works, how DAQmx works, how to connect various devices to your PC to collect data.


Bob Schor

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