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hardware digital trigger to start stop continuous analog acquisition

Hi I have seen the following example to use digital trigger to start and stop for finite number of samples. The example names is (

in this example Reference Digital edge is used to stop acquisition but if I change to  continuous then Reference Digital edge stops and show an errir. Could you please let me know how can I use hardware digital trigger to start stop continuous analog acquisition. An example would be really great

many thanks

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HI tintin_99,


The way that example works (by modifying the read position of the buffer) essentially performs the same operation that the continuous samples mode does. That is to say, it is already a continuous acquisition.


The article below explains this in more detail, and the reasoning behind specifying buffer size manually and other tricks used. You may have already visited it in order to get the example VI, in which case it may be worth another read over.


Kind Regards,

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