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ha sr04 ni6008 board

Dear all


I have hs sr04 ultrasonic sensors and I am thinking to connect it in my ni6008 board.

I read somewhere that I will need counter ports and NI6008 doesn't has this ports.

My question is, It is possible using the generate signals module to generate a pulse (in true/false box) armed by the digital port and then read the response by the trigger and gate or other module?


Can the forum please help me release this?



Best regards


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Hi adolfo,


you probably talk about the HC SR04 ultrasonic transducer...


I don't think you can use a plain USB6008 to drive your sensor. You cannot create 10µs TTL pulses nor can you (easily) measure the duration of incoming TTL pulses.


To be sure you can call your local NI sales guy!

Best regards,

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