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gyro sensor plot and save data on labview


            I am an electrical and electronics engineering student in Hacettepe University.I wanted to ask you something about my project:

            I have Labview 8.5 installed in my computer and lego NXT hardware.I am trying to have inputs from sensors acceleration,gyro,.. which are hitechnic(gyroscope) and nxt sensors(sound..).I am able to read sound sensor data using nxt and having a graph of it in labview.I am also able to take data with nxt (seeing valures on nxt screen).When i am trying to use the same labview vi procedure using waveform chart ,however i cant see the graph ,labview console tells me that is password protected.(i have downloaded the gyro VIs from and copied them to addons file ).

  Please can you tell me which procedure should i follow in order to read gyro sensor data and store it to be able to process the saved data with matlab.Please,if you have a sample VI for this process could you send it to me.

         I am looking forward to having your answer as soon as possible.Thank you very much.

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I am also a student doing my projet. It is about doing a two-wheel self balancing, and I need also to measure the accelerometer and gyro from HiTechnic.

I would be so glad if you could please send my some VI to get these imputs.

Thanks so much.


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Can you provide some more specific details about your project?
What hardware do you have right now? How does it communicate with the computer (GPIB, serial, ethernet....)?

Hardware is interfaced with LabVIEW through MAX (measurement and automation explorer).

You should have this installed, then you can use VISA functions to do Instrument I/O.

Cory K
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Thanks for answering me so soon.


I have a Lego mindstorms NXT and also I havealready  bought a acceleration sensor and a gyro from HiTechnic.

I muss do a two wheel- self balancing, it something like you can see here:


I want to programme it in LabView, and also I want to run the programme only on the computer and comunicate with the lego 

via bluetooth. 


The problem is that to run only on the computer I need to use Direct Commands, but I couldnt do it.


If you could help me or also if you could send me some VI (it doesnt matter if its with direct commands or not; just to have an idea) to read the gyro or the accelerometer, it would be welcome.


Thanks in advance.

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Take a look here, then look under the 'download' tab.

I cant read what it says, because its in German Smiley Surprised

but from what few words I can understand, it looks like it has LabVIEW drivers for the equipment.

Cory K
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