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gpib comunication

Hi I´m doing an app to controller a spectrophotometer by GPIB, the manual says that I must contoller using the ibic.exe , so I send the comand IBWRT "O2000\x0"  then IBRD 1 and then I get an "F" that means that I have comucation with the instrument, but when I try to migrate the comand to labview the comand doesnt works, I've tried to send first the "O2000" then the "00" I've tried transfor to hexadecimal the send but nothing, someone knows how to migrate form ibic.exe to labview or know the right way to do that .

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First, I don't understand why you are using the low level GPIB functions instead of the recommended VISA. Second, you need to provide the make and model of the instrument. Third, attach the manual. Lastly, you probably need to enable \ Codes Display. That's a right click option.
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Dear Alanbrian2809 good morning,


As my colleague Dennis said you should try to use the NI-VISA, you may want to try the the NI-VISA Driver Wizard, as long as the device manager can detect the device:


This is a tutorial in order to use NI-VISA and communicate thorugh a device by the USB port.


I hope that this information is useful,



Best Regards,






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