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get multiple mode values in the same signal

i have a signal of voltage vs time and the signal has 4 values most probables. Now i am filtering and i get the for values inside a for loop.


The signal has 10000 points and the for loop takes 40 seconds in doing that. For example if i obtain the amplitude of the high and low states with any of the functions of measuring signal it takes less than one second, is there any function to get multiple mode values in one signal ?



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Hi nestor5465,


you can use Threshold It returns the indices of peaks, which locates the points that exceed the threshold in a valid peak.


Threshold Detector.png


I hope this help.




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40 seconds to analyze 10000 points seems long.  Can you tell us more about your signal and the 4 values you are trying to match? Ideal would be for you to post your VI with some typical data saved as default.


This sounds somewhat like a 4-level modulation system and you are trying to assign every measurement to one of the 4 symbols.  Is the mapping based simply on the nearest value?  How are you dealing with noise?



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