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get encoder two channels pulse/count(FPAG-REAL TIME)

hello to all!

i am new in the FPGA and the Real Time

I am trying to get the number of pulses from my quadrature encoder using a cRIO so I can afterward calculate the number of turns in the motor. I have found some examples but even after applying them, the numbers I get don't seem logic and the calculation of motor turns in Labview doesn't concurs with the actual motor speed. 


im uploading the codes


Thanks for helping!

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your Timed Loop operates every 1'000 ticks of 1kHz clock which is once per second. Besides, "Close FPGA Ref" function should be executed when you leave the loop. Currently, the FPGA vi is closed after the first iteration.

I would recommend you also looking at the NI examples for FPGA programming, searching for some videos on youtube or taking FPGA training.

Best regards,



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