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generating sine wave

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I have a small labview problem.

I want to generate a sine wave pulse with labview and send this to a pc oscilloscope by using my soundcard.


First VI I made creates a sine wave and sends it to the pc oscilloscope. Works perfectly.


But now i want to create a sine wave with only one period (second VI). Problem is then that the VI blocks if i want a high frequency (I need 10kHz)

So the VI works on low frequencies but gives this error with higher frequency:

"the sound driver or card does not support the desired operation."


Can somebody give a solution for my second VI (creating sine with one period on 10kHz).?


Thanks in advance!




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It could be down to the acceptable frequency range of your sound card. i know of sound cards that have frequency range upto 40kHz. Is there anyway you can confirm this?

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But i don't have the problem with my first VI. Then i can go up to 30kHz with my frequency...


So the problem is not my soundcard i think?

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Accepted by topic author Benje

Hello Benje,


The problem/difference you're seeing is indeed in the coding and also in the sound card.

In the "working" example you're using the Simulate Signal VI with the following settings:

- 44100 samples per second (sample rate)

- Number of samples 10000 (samples per generation cycle)


In the non working example you specify:

- sample rate = 1000*"Frequency Control value". This sampling info should be fixed to (for example) 441000 Hz.

- Number of samples 1000 (samples per generation cycle)


As a sidenote:

Is there any reason why you used different functions to generate similar signals in the 2 VI's?

Kind Regards,
Thierry C - CLA, CTA - Staff R&D Engineer, RF Semiconductor Test - National Instruments
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