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generating a delayed digital pulse

I have two digital inputs, read via a DAQmx assistant, one represents a one pulse per revolution, the other
one pulse per crank angle degree (hence 360 per rev) which are generated by an optical encoder
attached to the shaft of a small engine setup.
What I would like to do is to output a single pulse 'n' crank angle (where n could be changed) pulses after
the revolution pulse. The output would be via another DAQmx assistant (ideally, as this is what I have been working
with so far). However I can only find something that will delay my signal on a time basis, rathert than sample
Any help appreciated.
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There is a point by point vi that will delay based on cycles of new data entering the vi. It holds the data value until the number of cycles is up. This might be a place to start. You can go inside this Zero-Order Hold to see how it works. This is in 7.0 format.


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sorry for the delay, been tied up in other things.

I have tried to use the ptbypt vi, but I couldn't get it to work with the digital input I have, the input comes

from the trigger pulse and is in the form of a 1-d digital waveform, I have tried various conversion

methods but could not get it to connect to the delay vi,



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