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function generator

I created a function generator . While I am running the vi, I am getting some error.  The error is 200099. Can anyone please let me know how to resolve the error. I am using mydaq. Thank you very much.

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The physical channel or resource name specifier has a drop down menu, which consists of the instruments created or detected through NI-Max.

Check whether the I/O resource name of the physical channel is represented in proper format, I think this should be the solution to resolve the error.

And also, make sure whether the configuration in Max settings are correct.


In order to be precise, send your code in LabVIEW'16 version.




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I don't believe there is an error code of 200099.  Could it have been -200099, which means "Physical channel not specified"?  Did you specify a physical channel?


Bob Schor

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yes, I did specify a channel

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Thank you very much for your reply. I am trying to generate a signal. But I don't know how to wire the generated data. When I am trying to wire it, it is giving the broken wire. I have to write the generated data and display it in the graph.

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Your VI doesn't show any broken wires.  It just shows the DAQmx Write is unwired.  When I wire the Y output of the matlab node to the input of the DAQmx Write, nothing is broken.


If you want to wire it to the XY graph, then you need to look at the help for XY Graph and see how you need to combine your t and Y arrays to build the correct data type.  One way is to bundle the t and the Y arrays into a cluster.

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If you are generating a signal, you presumably want to output it through an Analog Output.  Your DAQmx Create Channel is using myDAQ1/ai1, an Analog Input channel, for which DAQmx Write is not a proper function.  Try myDAQ1/ao1 instead.  Also, to fix the broken arrow, wire the y output from the MathScript node to the DAQmx Write Data channel.  You might also consider doing away with the MathScript node altogether, and looking at the Basic Function Generator in LabVIEW (it's on the Waveform Palette -- look around).


Bob Schor

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Yes, that is the error I ma getting. I have DAQ card and I am connecting the A0 and gnd pins and when I am trying to browse this in physical channel it shows only Ai0 but not Ao0. I have to generate three cycles of 200 Hz and each cycle must have 200 samples. I tried two days to check what I am doing wrong. 


I am trying to use a Mathscript node to generate a wave instead of basic function generator vi. 


I have also a question about write DAQmx. I am trying to understand what is the use of Write Daqmx in my vi. As I can generate wave directly with the Mathscript node used in my vi.


I would really appreciate if you can help me in understanding the concept behind this function generator.

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What DAQ card are you using?

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it is myDAQ card.

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