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ftp error Could not establish connection

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hello there,

I am trying to connect to ftp server to get a file from it.

I used the "FTP get"

here a screenshot showing the front panel and the block diagram:


on the left there is filezilla showing that the ftp server is connected just fine and the remote path showing the files which I want to get one of them "log.txt"


I filled the same info into my labview vi .. and when I hit run this error pops up



Error 0 occurred at FTPOpen Data Connection: Could not establish connection


Possible reason(s):

LabVIEW: Error connecting to GPIB driver or device.
VISA: (Hex 0x0) Operation completed successfully.



I don't know what wrong am I doing... any ideas?


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Did you try to specify a filename for the local file instead of just a directory/drive?


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Accepted by topic author ragaey

Thanks for your reply.. I solved the problem 1 minute ago .. turned the data connection from active to passive by using false in active terminal..


another error pops up that I need to put the same file type as the file I am asking to get .. I made the local path g:\file.txt and it workd just fine ...

Thanks,, Smiley Happy

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I had the same problem.  Setting those NI FTP VI "active" inputs to the non-default setting fixed my problem.  Thanks.

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