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front panel not aligning properly on scale print

So I've created a custom print VI with various graphics that I'd like to print on an 11x17 sheet of paper in landscape mode, but for the life of me I can't get the thing to align properly.  I want the front panel to print centered with 0.1 - 0.2 inch margins all around, but instead of doing this, the front panel will sometimes print aligned to the left and top or other times to the right and top (with wrong margins always on two sides, sometimes three or four).  I'm using a programmatic call to the easy print function that scales the front panel to fit on this size.  However, even after making the proportions of objects on the VI 11:17 (vertical: horizontal) I still can't seem to get this thing to center properly.  Any ideas of what the problem could be?
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Anyone? Smiley Indifferent


Or is labview printing just buggy in general when you're near the borders of a page?  I know I read a post about leaving white space near the right edge in landscape mode, but not sure if this is related. 

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When printing LabVIEW front panels, the developer is requied to scale the front panel properly to fit the paper size.

When LV prints a front panel, it prints the entire front panel, not just what is visible on the screen. Often times this causes your panels to scale in a funky manner when being printed.

Your 11x17 paper is 1.545 times as long as it is wide. When you lay out your panel for printing you need to make sure the aspect ratio is maintained. For a monitor with a horizontal resolution of 1280 pixels, this would make the required panel bounds 1280x1978. The easiest way I have found to perform this type of print operation is to drop a decoration on the front panel that is of the required size. Ensure that all of your controls fit inside this decoration. When you print, this should keep the aspect ratio correct and print correctly.
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Ah, I see - I was actually scaling my front panel objects (including invisible portions) to fit a 1712 x 1108 pixel space (approximately 1.545 ratio) on 1280x1024 resolution, but apparently it wasn't big enough Smiley Surprised  I'll go ahead and try this now.  


Quick question about decoration sizing though.  So I know how to find the origin on the front panel and where coordinate pixel changes are displayed when you move an object.  But, is there a simple way to set the dimensions of a decoration and/or view at what coordinate point your mouse pointer is on?    



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Ok, So I created a blank VI with a 1280 x 1978 frame decoration, yet the print preview in labview still doesn't seem to show the thing with proper alignment.  




Looking at the picture, looks like it's aligned along the right and top of the page rather than uniformly centered.  Ideally, the frame would uniformly cover all the edges around the page in the preview.  I suspect this is an issue with LabVIEW and not my printer, as I can set my printer to borderless printing. 


Any ideas? 

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