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fpga icon disappearing

Has anyone experienced this?


I have a very large, and very messy VI that I'm cleaning up. In it is a sequence that starts the FPGA. It includes the FPGA reference and two invoke methods (download and run). For some reason all three icons have vanished. The VI still runs fine and the wires are all there. When I hover over the correct spots on the block diagram the wiring points light up. I have moved this project to two laptops and a desktop and it happens on all three.


Any ideas? As I said I'm redoing this mess using producer consumer design with queues. The FPGA icons do show up in a new VI.

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Can you post a screenshot (jpeg or png, NOT bitmap)?


Are the icons missing from the block diagram, or from the palette?


Are you sure you have the FPGA  module installed?



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Here is the fragment that is missing.


It is initializing the FPGA. The icons are missing from the block diagram but are present in the palette and when I insert them into a new VI.

Yes the FPGA module is installed. This code actually is working. It just is a very confusing mess in need of some professional help.


Thanks for the help. 

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Looks like a corruption. What happens if you delete the invoke node and replace it with a new one? Or copy the whole VI into a blank one and compile it?

National Instruments
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Deleting the icons and replacing them with new ones doesn't work. They are still gone. The VI works though.


Dragging them to a new VI doesn't work.


Building a new VI with new icons does work (thats what I've done).


Another interesting note, while dragging stuff around the old VI, I could get portions of this particular group to show up depending on where I drug it. (A piece of an icon here and there).


Anyway I have begun piecing the application back together with subvi's and a new design and so far everything is still working and still visible.


Thanks for your help.

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I am glad to hear that, though this is a very unique issue, is there any way you can provide us with the broken VI to submit to R&D?



Anna K.

National Instruments
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Here it is. I had to strip most everything out for proprietary reasons. I am leaving just the suspect code. I hope this helps as there isn't much left.



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Very interesting.


If you select the blank icons, the highlights around them don't match up to what an icon should be.  The blank spot at the upper left creates an L-shaped highlight area.


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I had experienced this with a customer in the past, and simply creating a new VI fixed the problem; he was able to place the icons down and not have them be 'blank'. Have you tried dragging the 'blank' icons from one VI to another? If this is successful, you should be able to drag all block diagram elements into new VI's, which shouldnt take much time. If they are still blank, you may have to manuall rebuild the VI, which of course takes more time.


This seems to be a corruption in the VI itself. Seems very rare, and we have yet to figure out how to reproduce it.

Rob K
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National Instruments
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I'm rebuilding the entire application anyway so I am recreating new VI's for these particular functions. So this is no longer a problem. It was just an annoyance early on as I was trying to descipher the mess. All is fine now.



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