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fpga datas series


I am a beginner in Labview FPGA and I am having trouble doing what I want so I wonder if someone could help me?

I am currently working with a FlexRIO PXIe-7962 and an adaptation module NI 6585. I work at 5 MHz. I have to drive an external device with synchronization and data series, I leave my signals on the PFI module.

I managed to create synchronization on the rising edge of my Clock, thanks to a system counter that decrements. But now I need to generate data sets on a path following these synchronizations.

Does someone could help me and tell me how I could manage to generate data sets on a PFI? I do not see what use system (memory, fifo, ...)

Thank you in advance for your answers.

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Without any code to look at its difficult to tell what may be going wrong. If all you are trying to do is write something on a PFI line then you just need to select that particular IO from the list of Module IO that should be available in a FPGA IO Node.




Since you're new you may also find some getting started material useful. 


High-Performance FPGA Developer's Guide


Getting Results with the NI PXI-6585R



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sorry for the time,


I join you my code (FPGA and HOST) and the frame that I must realize. With this code I have two signals in parallel. The first is my synchro with the reccurrence time to send signals and the second are my serial datas. But they are in parallel and not the synchro before and datas after.


Could you help me to realize that?

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Anyone have an idea for me?


I work with Labview FPGA 2012.


Could you help me, please?

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I would encourage you to get in contact with your local NI branch for support. There is a bit of a lanugage barrier preventing me from understanding what question is being asked.  In addition to the training material to which I provided a link you may also want to take a look at self paced online training (SPOT). You must have a LV FPGA license registered to your account to access the LV FPGA SPOT though.


NI Self-Paced Online Training


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