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fpga VIs only works on specific computers



i have some fpga VIs and i want to distribute them. But, also, i have to protect my VIs, in case my customers tend to distribute them after they got my VIs, too.


how can i protect my VIs from distribution by third hands? i have seen some examples about reading MAC adress, HD serial or CPU serial. Is that possible to check these serial numbers through FPGA environment ?


 What is your suggestions ?

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If you are only worried about the source, just give them the bit files.

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  thanks for quick answer..


in fact, my VIs works for a specific cRIO module controlling.. customers can be use the VIs according to their own module configurations.. So, bitfiles is not a solution..


But customers also can copy my VIs to other PCs and use it everywhere. i don't want this happen... 


P.C.: Maybe i should try to make it, only be used for a specific RT controller...   

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Hi, I believe this toolkit might be answer. If you think this is too much, perhaps other security measures such as password protection or removing the block diagram might be more appropriate, as mentioned here. Plus, I found this post that might give you more ideas. I hope this helps Smiley Wink

Alejandro C. | National Instruments
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