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flexible database insert


hi all!


after hours of trials, searching this forum and others now the very important question: I use the database-connectivity kit with labview 8.5 and want to create a flexible database-insert procedure. I easily want to insert row by row of a 2-dim array, by knowing the specific amount of columns for the chosen table. 

my idea is: a gui for database-table view and editor function for any table in the database. What I did is, you can currently view each table in the database, change something inside. now i buffer the whole information of the changed table, delete the content in the database and write the changed buffered content back by using the INSERT - VI.

I always get the error message, that the number of columns is not equal to the number of parameters.I don't want to bring in the code specific information for a table, because my programm should work with any table in the database. 


... is there anyone of you, who is able to help me out ? I get crazy by this time ...


i added the vi in the attachement, unfortunatelly it is  a bit in german/englisch, sorry for that.


thx a lot !


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Database will return error if you right any empty string to it and in the code the table is written directly  without  parsing the table string for empty strings.  I suspect that there might be some extra empty cells are there in the table that is creating the problem.  So just parse the entire table for blank spaces -> truncate the entire table to the size the database expects->Update the data in the database.


Hope this helps.

With regards,
(Certified LabVIEW Developer)
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