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flashing a microcontroller using labview

hi everyone


is there any solution using labview to flash a microcontroller that can replace the commun programms which are made for this like flash loader ?? if yes , what kind of communication protocole is used?? thanks

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Which Micro-controller?

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just for information , i mean by "flashing" the fact to send to the microcontroller a compiled file

@atul_ghumade : i don't know which micro yet , is there any difference of the ability of flashing with labview between each micro?? 

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We used the CAN (Controller Area Network) interface.  The basic bootloader had most of the instructions for operation pre-loaded, then we would use a flash kernel to add additional functionality (PGM & PGM_6 commands) to allow for uploading new firmware into the processor.  We have also performed a similar task using RS-232.

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thanks for the answer , but i didn't get your idea well , what did you mean by the basic bootloader ?? is a simple UART communication can do the job ?? i used to communicate with types of micro's via RS 232 (sending simple command and read the answers) but is it the same case with flashing a compiled program ?? 

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It really depends on the micro in question, and whether the manufacturer will give you all the details of the programming interface (hardware and software) that is necessary. 


I have had to program LabVIEW basically update a "Hex" file with calibration factors, then write a batch file, then call that batch file with the to launch a separate program to program some microcontrollers in the past. 

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