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find all sub vis that are set to show front panel when called



I have inherited a very large messy sphagetti code of about 1500 vis, 

i need to refactor it to a maintainable state. one requirement is to give a make over on the front panel with a logo on all the subVIs that pop-up when called.


is there an easy way to list all vis that are set to "show front panel when called" property in the VI properties ctrl+i menu ?



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You can read that property with a property node. However there is more than one way to open a subVIs front panel.


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in your tools bar go to menu of view select view hierarchy
you can see all subvi right click on them and see property of them
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There are more than 300/1500 Vis that are pop-up, 

i will have to try something programatic to list all automatically

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may be this code colud help you 
but regard that this will be work if your subvi are save with this  property (set to show front panel when called)

and I do notthink it work for mode that you manully right click on subvi and selected as open FP when called
anyway I hope it could help you 

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