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executable missing menu


LabVIEW 2009 SP1 (DevSuite):   I am sure this has been covered but I am out if time to search.


Custom RTM file created for main interface and included in Build Spec (included in app.exe) but get Error 1162 (Cannot find one or more tags) on launch when using Set Menu Item Info to configure some my User-defined menu items.


Noticed also that only original LabVIEW type tags and menus (File, Help) appear but custom ones are missing.


Do all custom menus have to be dynamically created in code even though an RTM was created? What am I missing?


Thanks, Dave

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Might want to take a look at the following whitepaper:


How Can I Create Custom Run-Time Menus in LabVIEW?


Regarding the error 1162… there is almost no useful information for that error.

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At some point controls using custom run-time menus stopped working for me. I forget which version of labview and it may have been 2009. These menus show up fine in development environment but then never works right in EXE. I just dynamically create the menus at "Menu Activation?" event and it works fast and is still easy to maintain.

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