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exe file, created by LabVIEW, error trying to create a temporary file

My exe file, built from LabVIEW8.5, has been used since 2008. Recently, when we executed it, there was pop up window show error


There was an error trying to create a temporary file. Please verify that your TEMP variable is ok (see t6 1din fct error popup1.bmp)


when I clicked OK, then another pop up window appear


LabVIEW: Resource not found.


An error occured loading VI 'GOOP Object' 

LabVIEW load error code 3: Could not load front panel.


(see t6 1din fct error popup2.bmp) after click OK, the exe file's window form freeze, not yet completely loaded.


Do you know how to fix this? Thank you in advance

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There's a reasonable possibility that it's Windows.  LabVIEW 8.5 does not support Windows 10, and in the decade or so since it was released, how LabVIEW and Windows allocate Temp files may well have changed.  You didn't attach any code for us to test, but I'll wager (a whole dime!) that if you take your old code and make a new Application using LabVIEW 2018 or 2019, it will work just fine.


Bob Schor

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Bob Schor : Thank you very much. The reason I didn't upload my code is, the whole project size is so big that may not be able to uploaded to this site. Besides, I can't even open LabVIEW, it also reports error.


Anyway, there has been no major changed in this PC (either upgrade window or new coding) for a long time, it is still Windows XP  with LabVIEW8.5 (not only LabVIEW but also OS are so old). Beside, LabVIEW can't be executed too.


I will try compiling this project with newer LabVIEW, running the newer exe file along with installing LabVIEW runtime engine.

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I also am getting this error.


I built my executable using Labview 8.2. It has been running on dozens of WinXP devices for a decade.

The newest version of my executable uses the serial ports, so I have installed the VISA runtime engine. All of the devices running the latest version with VISA occasionally encounter the "error trying to create a temporary file" followed by "Resource not found".


I can clear the error by going to Start >> Run >> %temp% to open the windows temp file folder, and then delete all temp files and subfolders.

But what is causing the error, and how can I prevent it from occurring?

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First, do not "take over" another User's Post.  If you have a problem, either (a) patiently wait until the Original Poster gets a Solution, and see if that Solution works for you, or (b) for a faster response, start your own Message, explain what you are trying to do, explain what you think the problem might be, and attach your code (no pictures -- they just waste our time and make some of us, shall we say, "annoyed").


I recommend you choose Option (b) (though you are free to choose (a) as well).  Please don't take this thread away from @naizind.


Bob Schor

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My apologies. It was not my intent to take this thread off topic.


@naizind, you asked "Do you know how to fix this?". I have found that deleting all temporary files and subfolders in Windows XP's %temp% folder fixes the problem, although it may happen again later. Please let us know if that helps, and if you have found a way to keep the error from recurring. 

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Thank you very much. I have just got a chance to try due to facility closure from COVID-19 lock down. I try deleting content in TEMP folder, then disk clean up. Once it's reboot, the exe file can be executed as usual.



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Might be relevant to your problem, if it recurs:


When a .exe file starts up, LabVIEW creates temp files.

When the .exe file exits, LabVIEW should delete those temp files.

But, if you are using a Shut Down Windows command, it might be set to "force" Windows to shut down without first exiting all programs. Thus Windows might exit before LabVIEW deletes the temp files. Eventually, there are so many temp files that the hard disk is full and you get "There was an error trying to create a temporary file. Please verify that your TEMP variable is ok".

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