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example .lvm file with "spikey data"


  I am trying to figure out how to process data that is getting acquired from ultrasonics equipment and temporarily to work on the problem I am looking to find a .lvm file that has something akin to "spikey data" which will need me to use a median filter to process.  Naturally I could create this on my own except that I have no idea what the header for .lvm files is and I haven't had much luck on here finding a good example.  Using real data isn't much of an option because I am not doing this on the computers that are actually aquiring the data and don't have access to it at the current time.  So if anyone has a .lvm file lying around that looks kinda choppy, but has an underlying pattern.  Sinusoidal-ish, or whaterver, I would appreciate it.  Or if someone could tell me how to fake the header for a .lvm file then that would be great.      Thanks, Sam

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Hi Sayndesyn,


It is a sine with uniform white noise, at 10.1 Hz.  The first column is time. Good luck!



Marti C
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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