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example is not opened from detailed help window

I tried to open an example related the "Case Structure" in the "Detailed Help" window but it didn't work (I clicked on the "Open example" in the "Detailed Help" window.  Of course I  could open the examples database under "Help" but it will take time to find a specific example.  Thanks.

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What version of LabVIEW are you using?


At my system with LV 2011 the Simple Case Example opens as expected.




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LabView 2011 with version 11.0 (32 bit)

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Do you use a lokalized version or the english one?

Do you even find the Example I mentioned before using the example finder?

And does ther happen anything when you click to open this example in the detailed help window or does there happen just nothing?




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I found the simple case example from the examples folder. 

Nothing happened when I clicked on the "Open example" in the "Detailed Help" window.

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Have you checked the list of services? This question has been asked before. When LabVIEW gets installed there's like a thousand services that also get installed. I don't recall which service is needed in order to open the examples. Most start with "National Instruments". In earlier versions it was the NI Service Locator that was needed. Another thing to check is to see if the service are being blocked by your firewall. That's another common reason.

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How can I check?

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Which part? For the services, you need to use the operating system by using the Services snap-in for MMC. For the firewall, well, you'd need to check your firewall documentation to see what it's currenly blocking and check against this list:

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