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error status code -1074118630 ni labview (niUSRP configure

Can someone explain to me the status of this error code, and why it outputs this error when I configure the niUSRP


I am running a NI USRP-2920 with GPS external clock support.

Thank you,

Anastasios Bikos

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Hi Anastasios,


You are currently in the LabVIEW forums. You should post this in the USRP forums. When you post it there, be sure to link to this forum as well in case someone else posts here, and updat this forum with a link to the new post.


In addition please include the text of the error, the VI with the error or screenshots of the code producing the error, and anything else you can think of that could help the community come up with potential solutions.




Michael Bilyk
Former NI Software Engineer (IT)
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