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error scan from string



i'm using LV 7. i'm communicating with a R&S test receiver using GPIB IEC625. i've stumbled upon a problem, i can't "read" the freq from the device. in the end i have "BFFF0015 Timeout expired before operation completed". the error apears in read trace at "scan from string". can anyone help me.......

this is what i have:

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Nowhere do I see a query. With SCPI, a query is a command that ends with a question mark ('?') and tells the instrument to perform a measurement and place data in the output buffer. You cannot just do a read whenever you want to. Try a simple test with a command such as *IDN?.


There are a lot of R&S drivers available at the Instrument Driver Network. You don't mention which model you are using and you might want to take a look. Even if your model is not there, looking at the code used might give you some ideas.

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i'm using R&S ESVB test receiver.

1. there is no driver for this device.....i've searched...

2. i tried to query the device(IDN?) and it responds....

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Good that it responds. You will now have to dig into the manual to determine the command(s) to initiate a measurement.
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