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error output to 'write to spreadsheet'




I dont know, whether someone talked about this earlier.


But I prefer error output for 'write to spreadsheet file' subvi, as it keep crashing the software with error 5.



I want this, spreadsheet error.JPG






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This seems more like a problem report or request for help than an idea for a new LabVIEW feature. It is an important safeguard that an open file cannot be opened elsehwere, leading to unpredictable results.

Also, an error message is NOT a crash. I would recommend posting in the LabVIEW forum.

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Thanks for guidance altenbach 


I will post it in Labview forum.



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The problem is that the shipping VI handles the error internally using the error handler. I would agree that such a function should have proper error I/O (and a better connector pane arrangement).


It's basically a request for a replacement VI which will have this.

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Yair, I actually agree with you. I forgot about that, because I always prepend a file dialog to e.g. handle "canceled" and other errors, so I havent see this in a long time.


Still this should be composed into a more formal idea. Maybe the spreadsheet file VIs could be eliminated and their function wrapped into the plain text VIs (We already have polymorphic modes such as "read lines", etc. so why not add another mode "read Spreadsheet", which would expose an input for delimiter and transpose, etc.


In any case, the current VIs should be retired and rewritten.



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And for god/heaven/buddha/insert-your-favorite-deity-here's sake please don't have the word "spreadsheet" ANYWHERE in the name. Or anything that would make people think it works with Excel "spreadsheets".

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> please don't have the word "spreadsheet" ANYWHERE in the name. 


I fully agree! What would you suggest instead? Here are some ideas:


  • "read/write tabular data"
  • "read/write text table"
  • "read/write delimited table"
  • "read/write delimited text"
  • ...

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Thanks for KudosSmiley Happy


And thanks tst for elaborating my problem. I am realy bad in expressing things.


Now, I am trying to replace 'spreadsheet vi' to 'textfile'


you guys rocksSmiley Wink







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> that would make people think it works with Excel "spreadsheets".


actually, tab-delimited text files work fine with excel (of course there are some exceptions Smiley Very Happy)


I would rather have this VI removed from the palettes and marked it as deprecated since it does not conform to LV style-guides (no error in/out) any more. I also guess that the pop-up dialog might block other LV threads which will be a serious issue if you have some data logging running. (I can find/build/provide several nice examples where a pop-up VI set to dialog appearance - and also user interaction on GUI elements - can block other loops running in LV)


Thus, I never use the pre-programmed write/read spreadsheet VIs, I always write my own version - usually takes 2-3 LV primitives + a few constants ...


just my 2 cents


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I think NI might say the replacements for Write/Read Spreadsheet already exist. The Express VIs Write to Measurement File and Read From Measurement can be set to do almost the exact same thing. The only real difference that I could see is that it expects a time column and inserts an empty one if not provided.

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