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error mxbaseconfig mac

Visa says no usb

i have a 6210 usb attached (light is burning)

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Hi cees,


Can you try disabling the PXI passport in /Library/Preferences/NIvisa/Passports/nivisa.ini? You'll change the passportEnabled# value that corresponds to the PXI Passport from 1 to 0, then subtract 1 from the NumberOfPassports value at the top of the file and save. Then, try opening VISA Interactive Control and see if you get a crash there.


If so, then check the versions of the nipalu.framework using:

cat /Library/Frameworks/nipalu.framework/Resources/Info.plist
and the nipalk.kext using:
cat /System/Library/Extensions/nipalk.kext/Contents/version.plist
and noting the CFBundleVersion key in both. If these values are different, let me know because that can cause problems.

Justin E
National Instruments R&D
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Forgive me justin , but we are really think of leave the apple platform , becuase we cannot run  oher  things on it   for labview

Even some basic stuff like Daq assistent is missing  , and  things must be easy here on the  Mac

Because we also need  Vision to run  ,and cannot be done on Mac


Even it does not run properly under Bootcamp and windows

Even had a talk about it with AMD  about drivers for apple platform   , they are saying to buy a real windows machine because of the bios and instructions on the cards are differant in a apple mac machine  and cause problems and hangs  becuase the bios doe not know the instruction set


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