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error mxbaseconfig mac

I got error's when trying to access the basic  , i cannot see my 6210 on mac 10.6.8

i tired to start also in 32 and 64 bit  both give the same problem

here is a screen dump



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please notice that 3.1 doesn't support MAC 10.6, please find the drivers listed under this link.


Best regards,

Martijn S
Applications Engineer
NI Netherlands
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Well Martijn ik heb versie 3.4!

(van Casper  Klop)

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screen dump 3.4.5   error

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screen dump 3.4.5   error

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Hello cees,


I'd like to get some more information from you so that we can look into this problem further.


1.  Do you see this problem on non-server Mac OS X?

2.  Can you provide the full crash log?

3.  Do the utilities actually do anything before the crash?  How are you running them?



Steven T.

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Well here is the log file

I only have a server here where we also working on,so no other machine with max os 10.6.

We have mutiple power pc macs here( no intel machines  ),Labview worked before of the non intel macs.

I just start the utillity   from the finder


on 32 bit  kernel  (start with 3-2 )

Thanks in advance Steven

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From looking at the crash log, thread 7 is the one that is crashing.  At the very bottom of the stack, it looks like some low level DAQmx Base code is using NI-VISA to find the DAQmx Base the crash is happening at the very beginning of execution.


Could you try using the VISA Interactive Control utility?  Verify that you can see your DAQmx Base hardware using this utility.



Steven T.

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Hmm, we just tried to reproduce the problem on Mac OS X Server 10.6.8.  After a fresh install of NI-DAQmx Base 3.4.5 everything works as expected including the utilities that are giving you problems.  If it turns out that simply running VISA Interactive Control causes a crash too, then I will need to defer to someone more familiar with VISA.



Steven T.


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same problem with visa

here is the error log

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