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error labview 7 agilent


Ok so I have Agilent 3458A and 34970 i have the vi that make it work in 2011 but I’m trying to make it work in 7. The programme works by initializing the 34970 (scanner) with the channels to read then the next part of the programme initializes the 3458A to take reading. But I’m getting a read visa error when trying to read from the Agilent. i have two screen prints below. How can I fix this thanks. if you need any more info please ask. THANKS

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Hi averagejoe,


I have done some research into Error -1073807339.  I found a KnowledgeBase article online "Why do I Receive Timeout Error -1073807339 on VISA Read or Write?"  It explains a number of things that could be causing this problem for you.


I would also make sure you have the correct drivers installed.  You can find them here: Agilent Technologies 3458A and Agilent Technologies 34970A


Let me know how you get on.



Lewis Gear CLA

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duplicate post



Please do not ask the same questions in multiple threads. Otherwise people don't know what has already been suggested.

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